Based In: Hamilton, Ontario

Founded: 2017

Genre: Twisted 'N Dirty New York style Rock & Roll

Ginny Vader (Virginia Vader) - Lead Vocal, Bass

Davey Vader (David Evans) - Guitars, Vocals

Bry N. Vader (Brian Fogel) - Drums, Vocals


"I love this band!! You've got to check them out. They play an awesome variety to please just about any crowd. If there was 6 stars I would've selected it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys."

Bren Anne
Bren Anne Public Relations and Marketing


"Vader's Raiders are very cool and a whole lotta fun. If you want to have a great fun night go see this band..."

Baz Littlerock


"I saw Vader's Raider's strolling down The Cactus Fest. I loved Viriginia Vaders style. It's a fun band. Killer music with a lot of spunk! They cover some of my favourite bands as well as their own original material. It was a pleasure to see a new refreshing band with spunk and style. Thanks guys for the great songs I got to stop by and check out. And of course for the buttons ! I hope to see you again so I can hear your whole set list and originals. You guys can Rock 'n' Roll ! Thanks for the great refreshing stop off down the Fest.

Tracy Lynn



Vader’s Raiders are a three-piece band from Hamilton, Ontario and consider themselves as Twisted 'N Dirty, New York style Rock & Roll. 

In March 2017, singer/bassist Ginny Vader (the Denteens, The Sheanderthals) and David Evans (Progressive Minstrels, Atomic Tim and the Sinz) on Guitar/vocals, needed to put together a band for a charity event at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton, and they needed a drummer.  Ginny contacted veteran studio, live and touring drummer of 35 years Brian Fogel (Ruckus, Suzi & the Revells, Sinful Love). 

Their first gig together was for a Joe Strummer event at This Ain't Hollywood on April 15, 2017, after that show, they decided to keep the band together. The band has played 7 shows from April to August 2017.

When the lead singer of a band also plays an instrument, it is nearly always guitar or piano, and often bass guitar as well, but rarely do you see a drummer singing while drumming.  You will have the opportunity to watch and listen to Hamilton's only live band with a drummer who plays drums and sings at the same time.

Vader's Raiders are currently preparing to go into a recording studio and put together first debut album!

We are always looking to play, please contact us for bookings at bookings@vadersraiders.com.




August 25 2017 - Lee's Palace, Toronto - 10pm

August 19 2017 - Dundas Cactus Festival - 1:30 - 2:30pm

August 5 2017 - Jeffrey's Lounge, Brantford - 9:30pm

June 30 2017 - It's Your Festival, Hamilton - 7pm

June 2 2017 - This Ain't Hollywood - 11pm

May 17 2017 - The Casbah - 8pm

April 15 2017 - This Ain't Hollywood - 11pm


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Bookings: Brian Fogel - 647-637-3353

Promotional: Anita Levesque - 289-214-4102