The Band


Twisted ‘N Dirty ~ Hamilton SteelTown New York style Rock & Roll

VADER’s RAIDERS perform Original material and some covers by;
The New York Dolls, The Ramones, Teenage Head, The Clash, Iggy Pop, The Stooges, Television, Blondie, the Damned, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, The Viletones, Johnny Cash, Cheap Trick


Vader’s Raiders are a three-piece band from Hamilton, Ontario and consider themselves as Twisted ‘N Dirty, New York style Rock & Roll.

In March 2017, singer/bassist Ginny Vader (the Denteens, The Sheanderthals) and David Evans (Progressive Minstrels, Atomic Tim and the Sinz) on Guitar/vocals, needed to put together a band for a charity event at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton, and they needed a drummer.  Ginny contacted veteran studio, live and touring drummer of 35 years Brian Fogel (Ruckus, Suzi & the Revells, Sinful Love).

Their first gig together was for a Joe Strummer event at This Ain’t Hollywood on April 15, 2017, after that show, they decided to keep the band together. The band has played 7 shows from April to August 2017.

When the lead singer of a band also plays an instrument, it is nearly always guitar or piano, and often bass guitar as well, but rarely do you see a drummer singing while drumming.  You will have the opportunity to watch and listen to Hamilton’s only live band with a drummer who plays drums and sings at the same time.

Vader’s Raiders are currently preparing to go into a recording studio and put together first debut album!

We are always looking to play, please contact us for bookings at



GINN E. VADER (Virginia Vader) – Lead Vocals, Bass

(Denteens, Sheanderthals)

DAVE E. VADER (David Evans) – Guitars, Vocals

(Progressive Minstrels, Atomic Tim and the Sinz)

BRY N. VADER (Brian Fogel) – Drums, Vocals

(Ruckus, Suzi & the Revells, Sinful Love)